Grass Roots
Jeep Club


Grass Roots Jeep Club has 3 levels of membership

Basic $50
The basic membership gives you 1 club T-shirt, 1 vote and 1 of any club giveaways.
( 2 meetings, 2 trail rides required ) 

Family $75
The family membership is for you and your significant other.  This gives you 2 T-shirts, 2 vote and 2 of any club giveaways.
( 2 meetings, 2 trail rides required )

Associate $40
The associate membership is is for those that don't offroad there Jeep or are long distance.  This gives you 1 T-shirt and 1 vote when present during voting.

Giveaways may include but are not limited to product from sponsors, special club items ie:shirts and hats etc. Holiday parties and picnics.

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Grass Roots Jeep Club
 members list;
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                                                                                       John Archut
                                                                     Camille Banach
                                                                     Dennis Banach 
                                                                     Michael Gauthier
                                                                     Barbara Gross
                                                                     Tracy DiDonato
                                                                     David Frady
                                                                     Linda Hiddemen
                                                                     Chuck Hiddemen - Environmental Officer
                                                                     James Jorquez - Safety Officer
                                                                     Jeanne Jorquez - Treasurer
                                                                     Dawn Kernan           
                                                                     David MacDonald
                                                                     Tye MacIntyre
                                                                     Alex May
                                                                     Dominic Nogare 
                                                                     Lyon Prinston
                                                                     Michelle Prinston
                                                                     Jen Powers
                                                                     Rick Powers - President
                                                                     Izzy Rodriguez
                                                                     Wendy Schiever
                                                                     Josh Schiever
                                                                     Kerry Smith
                                                                     Tom Snook-
                                                                     Gina Tarpy - Secretary
                                                                     Robert Tarpy -
                                                                     Russ Trotter
                                                                     John Walters -
                                                                     Kurt Wecker  
                                                                     Paul Woldanski
                                                                     Stacy Woldanski
                                                                     Dawn Zar
                                                                     William Zar

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